Individual, Family & Business Memberships support athletics & extracurricular activities at Friday Harbor High School

Individual & Family Memberships

  • Individual $15/year
  • Family $25/year


If you have a child in sports who has paid sports fees (or will during the academic year), and ASB membership, you qualify to purchase a season pass ($25) or yearly pass ($45) for admission to any game of any sport.

Business Memberships

  • Purple Membership $50/year
  • Purple + Membership $100/year
  • Gold Membership $150/year
  • Gold + Membership $250/year
  • Wolverine Membership $500/year
  • Wolverine + Membership $1000/year


  • Eligible to purchase season pass (see Individual & Family Memberships) if you have a child in sports
  • Listing in game rosters
  • Mention on our website’s home page
  • Recognition in our quarterly sports award printed programs
  • Listing on quarterly Sports Calendar

Fill out the online form below or click here to download & print the application

For your tax deduction, our tax ID number is 911252337.

Membership Application